CPEng, (Chartered Professional Engineer), is a Government-backed mark of quality indicating the individual engineer has proven their current competence to practice as a professional engineer within New Zealand.

These engineers are required to maintain their current competence. They are likely to belong to one, or more professional bodies. A CPEng will be in regular communication with their profession - both locally and overseas engaged in a process of ongoing professional development and contributing to the development and sharing of new engineering knowledge for the benefit of all.

Members of the public need to be aware that not all those working as engineers are registered as Chartered Professional Engineers, (CPEng).

Kahui Kaiwetepanga Ngaio Whaimana is the Maori name for the Chartered Professional Engineers Council.

The Maori Language Commission advised the delegates attending the 2004 IPENZ Convention that the best term for Chartered Professional Engineer was Kaiwetepanga (engineers), Ngaio (a generic adjective for professional) and Whaimana (chartered). These Maori words were derived as outlined below.

  • Kahui means group or collective (the Council)
  • Kaiwetepanga was suggested to capture the essence of engineering by the Maori Language Commission at the IPENZ conference in 2004. It is made up from the following Maori words:
    • 'wete' (to solve)
    • 'panga' (problem)
    • 'kai' (the person who does)

Drawing from these words the word, 'kaiwetepanga', meaning 'engineer' was born.

  • Ngaio means professional 
  • Whaimana means authorised or having authority (or Chartered)

Since March 2004, Kahui Kaiwetepanga Ngaio Whaimana has been included on the logo of the Chartered Professional Engineers Council.