Chartered Professional Engineers Council (CPEC)


The Chartered Professional Engineers Council (CPEC) is a statutory body established under the Chartered Professional Engineers of New Zealand Act 2002 (the Act), which came into force on 1 July 2002.


In undertaking its statutory duties CPEC:

  • Hears Appeals from decisions of the Registration Authority on disciplinary matters and also decisions not to register or renew the registration of a chartered professional engineer. The process for appealing a decision is available on the Appealing Decisions page.
  • Reviews and Reports to the Minister on the performance of the Registration Authority and CPEC in exercising their respective functions and powers under the Act. These reports are available for download on the Annual Reports page.
  • Reviews and Approves the Registration Authority's rules containing standards that cover minimum standards of initial AND ongoing competence plus ethical conduct.

Engineering New Zealand

Engineering New Zealand is the Registration Authority for Engineers in New Zealand. 


ACE New Zealand
ACE New Zealand is a non-profit membership organisation with more than 250 firms ranging from large global firms to employee-owned SMEs. They are the voice for professional services consulting and engineering in New Zealand.